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I am new in this matter. I have installed OTRS on a server running CentOS which is setup in Singapore and I am doing my installation related work from Bangladesh by SSH.

I have installed OTRS successfully. Now I am trying to change the logo in customer portal. In which way I will do that? By pasting jpeg file in the Linux server folder or any other way?

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If there's no logo changing option in settings, then checking where the link points and changing that image should work. – Timothy Makobu Mar 14 '13 at 7:13

I'm not so new, and writing this answer from The Netherlands. :D

See this article below:

You can either put your logo in /opt/otrs/var/http/htdocs/skins/Customer/default/img or you can put your logo on some webserver and add the http(s) link in the configuration as indicated in the article.

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