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According to Setspn Overview it's discouraged to use Setspn -A to add an SPN record and it's suggested to use Setspn -S instead.

It's said that Setspn -S checks whether the SPN already exists before adding a new one. Setspn –A does not perform this check.

Although you can use Setspn -A to add an SPN, you should use Setspn -S instead because -S will verify that there are no duplicate SPNs.

However on Windows Server 2012 I see that Setspn -S and Setspn -A behave the same way: if an SPN record for an account exists then I get a failure both with -A and -S arguments.

Is there any real difference between Setspn -S and Setspn -A?

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Not any more. You sort of answered your own question. It has obviously been decided that there's no need for the original -A functionality of not checking for duplicates any more... but you can't just go willy-nilly ripping the -A out, because someone's script somewhere that was using -A would break.

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Thank you, Ryan! –  bahrep Mar 18 '13 at 14:32
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