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I have this weird problem out of the blue.

Magento was working find until today. The problem is this: Now it is like this:

How it looks after I remove the costum options in the admin panel:

As you can see, it has something to do with the Costum Product Option it has nothing to do with the design, since I changed it back to the default template and that is the same deal. Also I don't use any stock feature what so ever(tested this and also has nothing to do with it) Now I don't know how to debug this, since google chrome (debug console) isn't reporting any strange errors (non even). How can I debug this?

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I fixed this by removing magento completly and redoing every stap. Now I have 2 identical stores and 1 isn't working and 1 is, still a mistery. I guess it has something to do with the database, not sure what.

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