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Is it possible to figure out whether or not some user is connected through SSL on an IRC server? I want to figure out a way to restrict individuals who don't connect that way (from joining a specific channel).

I'd want the access to be from the level of a bot or individual.

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belongs on – David Pashley Aug 2 '09 at 7:54

This depends completely on the IRC server you're running. On UnrealIRCd, the +z channel mode automatically prevents non-SSL users from joining the channel. (For users, the corresponding +z user mode indicates an SSL connection.)

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You'll need to talk to the server operator and see if they'll add a user mode bit to signify SSL connection (like the "registered nick" and "auth to nickserv" bits most servers have). I'm pretty sure there's no "standard" way to determine this information.

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/whois NICK to see what kind of connection they are using. if you see "$nick is using a secure connection", then they are using SSL.

As per your second question, most standardly the two modes to toggle on SSL only mode is +z, as the above user said, or, on some servers +S. Note that's a big S not small s. Small s is for "secret", or, unlisted, mode, which is nice to have, but totally different.

Happy irc-ing! :D

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