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I want to know, whether is it possible to access the Windows files from a shell script on Linux system ? What i am trying to do is to run a shell script in my Linux system, that will access the files of a remote Windows system, read them and manipulate them. Forget about the file and folder permissions.

Is it possible to do this using the Linux shell scripts (or perl scripts)?

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Yes, you can mount a windows share into the linux filesystem using mount.cifs e.g.

mkdir /mnt/windowsfs
mount -t cifs //server/share -o username=user,password=P4ssw0rd /mnt/windowsfs

Once you've done that you can (with suitable permissions) access and manipulate the files in /mnt/windowsfs.

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Mounting the remote share is the most direct approach. However, there's also the smbclient executable, that gives FTP-like access to remote shares. It's a part of the Samba software package.

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