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Using the following logrotate config file, rotated files are being chowned to the specified user but not compressed ones.

    /var/log/file.log {
            size 1M
            rotate 30
            create 0600 user group

Is this an expected behaviour from logrotate and if yes how can I tweak it to compress the logs with the correct permissions and user:group ?

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'create' option tell logrotate to create new log file with specified permission before running postrotete script. It does not affect on permissions of compressed files. You may try this:

chown user:group /var/log/yourapp/*.gz
chmod -R 0600 /var/log/yourapp/*.gz
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So this is expected behaviour, I was hoping to not use custom scripts/commands inside logrotate configs. – pl1nk Mar 21 '13 at 16:02

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