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I have connected an openSUSE LAMP and an Ubuntu LAMP server to DB2 using ODBC. The openSUSE system we're using for a development environment, and the final deployment is to be on the Ubuntu system. On Ubuntu we get segfaults when SQL statements return nulls (see links to related bug reports), but this does not happen on openSUSE. Both machines are running 64-bit, here are the versions of both boxes and their software:

OS         Version    Kernel                Apache    PHP
openSUSE   12.2       3.4.11-2.16-default   2.2.22    5.3.15
Ubuntu     11.04      2.6.38-11-server      2.2.17    5.3.22-1~dotdeb.0
                                       (upgraded from 5.3.5-1ubuntu7)


Reading the changelog on php.net it looked like the bug was fixed in 5.3.11 but upgrading still has not solved our issue. I have finally compared phpinfo() output from both servers line-by-line and found one portion that seems like a red flag, but no idea how to fix this. In the ODBC section the ODBC_LFLAGS option shows:

openSUSE     -L/usr/lib64
Ubuntu       -L/usr/lib

Both systems are 64-bit, and are configured to use the 64-bit version of iSeriesAccess and unixODBC. iSeriesAccess had to be converted from RPM using alien as IBM doesn't support Ubuntu. Unfortunately upgrading Ubuntu or switching distros are not options for us. How can I switch Ubuntu to use /usr/lib64 for ODBC_LFLAGS? Also is there any other problem I may have overlooked?

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