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I have been asked to help with a school's network, specifically installing applications across workstations, but I am not sure how their current scheme works.

On the main server, there is an 'Apps' directory which contains a 'SourceServer' directory in which many applications are installed, and a 'SourceClient' directory (empty). Network machines all have this Apps directory mapped as a network drive, and all apps are available in the Start menu (stored in a sibling directory of Apps).

Are these details typical of a particular system? Is adding a new application as simple as installing it on the server to the SourceServer directory and dropping a shortcut in the Start menu directory?

Thank you.

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I am not familiar with either of the source directories you mention. Do you happen to know what (if any) management tools your schools use? Some googling leads to references of Source Server but I'm not confident that's what you're dealing with. If you're starting with zero background info, you may need to audit a machine to understand how all of the parts are configured. Feel free to edit your question to include any additional details. – jscott Mar 22 '13 at 0:15

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