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I am trying to configure Apache as an OpenID provider using simpleid.

I have followed the instructions to the letter till I got to the part about "Claim your identifier".

Now, this is where I am stuck.

Let's say my server is at http://example.com and my simpleid installation is at http://example.com/openid, and I have set up an identity john.doe and his identifier URL is http://example.com/openid/john.doe.

I can go to my server's simpleid login page and login okay. The dashboard there shows me all of the identity details that I have set up and the above identifier on the dashboard.

When I log in using an Open ID test site I get 2 results, neither correct:

Scenario 1

I create a file in /openid/john.doe/index.html so it would be available at http://example.com/openid/john.doe with the following contents:

<link rel="openid.server" href="http://example.com/openid/" />
<link rel="openid2.provider" href="http://example.com/openid/" />

When I try to log in to the test website using http://example.com/openid/john.doe, I get redirected to the login page by the test site. When I log in using the username/password, it logs me in but complains that the ID I am using is a different one that expected. Game over.

Scenario 2

I remove the file at /openid/johndoe/index.html so that there's nothing at http://example.com/openid/john.doe.

Now when I try to log in, it logs me in, shows me the various attributes of the identity I used to log in and then gives the following error.

OpenID authentication failed: No matching endpoint found after discovering http://example.com/openid/john.doe.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. Any help will be much appreciated.

PS: I think this should be tagged with simpleid.

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1 Answer

Strangely enough, the solution was to put the HTML content in a file called /openid/john.doe rather than in /openid/john.doe/index.html.

It now works fine.

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