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I would like to host multiple websites inside my server, and have access using subdomains.

For example wiki.host.com points to one site, www.host.com to another etc. It works well locally, because I can assign many addresses to the same interface. It's not the same if I want to connect from outside. I have only one IP.

I am using a port-mapping workaround (with dyndns translating URLs), but the solution is limited and buggy for some websites.

Can I use a proxy to intercept the DNS subdomain request and then route the connection to the right website?

For example, someone connects to my public IP, using port 80. Then the connection is routed to the server. If the subdomain used is wiki then the server connects to the wiki website, if the subdomain is webmail it connects to the other, and so on.

I am working with windows server 2k8r2

Is that possible? Thank you!

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Is TLS involved? If no, then this is just standard plain ol' name based virtual hosts. You don't need a proxy for this. –  Celada Mar 25 '13 at 10:51
TLS will be involved. –  Mc128k Mar 27 '13 at 15:03

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