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I'm configuring an Apache server under CentOS 6.3. I want to put my app in


But that directory is owned by root. How can I properly configure the access so I can publish files to that directory from a FTP client?

Initially I wanted to put my files under /home/myApp/wwwroot but that gives error messages as it seems under CentOS you're supposed to put your files under /var/www/html

What would be the right way of configuring this?

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/home/myApp/wwwroot is perfectly valid. What is the error? – phil-lavin Mar 25 '13 at 13:30
Probably you have to configure SELinux in order to put your files in /home/myApp/wwwroot. – jhcaiced Mar 25 '13 at 13:42
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My suggestion is:

  • Create the /var/www/html/YOUR_SITE directory, and own to your ftp user
  • Make sure /var/www/html/ have the 755 permission;
  • Create one user(please, dont use the ftp system user already created) and give the "ftpshell" to him. The home directory shall be /var/www/html/YOUR_SITE;
  • Configure your favorite ftp daemon(mine is vsftpd) to chroot by default to the home folder. Read the docs ;)

Done. When you connect through ftp, it will seems to be that you are at /, and your user will not navigate on the entire filesystem hierarchy.

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