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I am running Server 2008 R2 in an Active Directory Domain Environment.

I have created a group in Active Directory and I have delegated management authority to that group to a user.

I want this user to be able to solely just have rights to amend amend data in a specific OU and when using Active Directory Administrative centre can only view organisation section without having the ability to add sections ?

They have Active Directory Administrative centre installed on their Windows 7 64bit PC.

I do not want to provide them with any level of Administrative rights except the minimum required for them to have the ability to update all data under organisation, for example Job Title, Company and department fields etc.

Any suggestions?

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It appears that the way that the access is configured may not be sufficient/correct, thus you may not have sufficient rights to make changes on to one or more attributes on the object.

I would suggest using an "Active Directory Access Verification Tool" to verify that the access you have provisioned is indeed correctly configured/provisioned.

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