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I have a server running on FreeBSD 7.2. I'd like to install a mail server on it for purposes of receiving emails at my domain name whose nameservers are pointing to that server on the registrar already.

For example, if my domain is: -- then I'd like to be able to create as many addresses, and mailboxes as I want Such as:

Note that I do not want to use any control panels, such as Ensim, Plex, or Cpanel.

What software do I need installed to accomplish these tasks, and could you point me to any tutorials on the installation, setup, and configuration of the software.


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Serverfault, maybe? – Joey Aug 3 '09 at 8:53
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What about PostFix?

I'm currently working my way through a Linux [Ubuntu] based guide but there are a number of Step by Step guides for FreeBSD too Try Here or Here.

Note that I know little about FreeBSD (or PostFix for that matter as I have not finished the installation yet!) or how well you know your way around it so I don't know how useful the second link will be to you.


Postfix is excellent. The documentation is very good, it's easy to configure and it has a very active community. In Postfix parlance, you want to use "virtual aliases" to handle your domains. I answered a question yesterday which describes how to do this.

Sendmail can do all of these things and is installed by default (or was when I last used FreeBSD) but its configuration files are, IMHO, less clear and consistent than Postfix.


I would also go with postfix.

sudo portinstall -P postfix

After that I would recommend you to set it up as virtual domains:

but use some time getting to know the lingo and the difference between virtuals, aliases and so on. It will pay off in the long run. Consider spam prevention as well: SPF, amavis, postgrey and so on.


Google Trends is very useful tool for solving such problems

I prefer to use Exim+Dovecot on all of my servers


The best guide I found to setup a bullet proof mailserver on FreeBSD:


My best suggestion would be to set and configure Sendmail. This article will step you through this although it is targetted at FreeBSD 6.3. There is also a very detailed article on how to do it here. I have also found the Sendmail documentation to be very good.

The only reason anyone should use sendmail is if you've used it before and lived to tell the tale. I would never recommend it for a first time user. See all the posts about postfix and exim. – goo Aug 3 '09 at 12:12
funny - I've had better experiences with sendmail than postfix, personally :) – warren Sep 18 '09 at 12:18

i highly suggest you to use qmail (aka netqmail) and one of the best place for documentation and step-by-step install guide is on lifewithqmail


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