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How to find out what processes are listening on specific ports in Ubuntu?

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lsof -i :<port #>
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This will show only processes owned by user. So, unless you're logged in as root, prepend sudo. – xyz Aug 3 '09 at 12:57

Assuming that you are root.

netstat -lnp

The 4th and 7th fields are what you want.

Alternatively you can get much more detailed information with lsof(1).

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best way i know of is:

netstat -lpn

run as super user

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This works pretty well for me on linux only:
netstat -anp|egrep -i 'PID/Program|LISTEN'

-a = All sockets -n = doNt resolve IPs -p = show Pids/Programs associated with each

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su -c netstat -lpna

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