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I've installed Bugzilla in CentOS 5.5. But when I try to configure the Email I find there is no SMTP option in mail_delivery_method list. There are only Test/Sendmail/None. What can I do if I want use gmail server to send email.

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Set up your local postfix/exim to relay everything through gmail with your account details.

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This means that Email::Send->new()->all_mailers() is not returning an SMTP option (see Bugzilla's Perhaps you don't have Net::SMTP installed?


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Configure Sendmail to use Gmail for SMTP:

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I used "my $method = 'SMTP';" instead of "my $method = Bugzilla->params->{'mail_delivery_method'};" in "Bugzilla/" and it works fine. – sunzhuofeng Mar 29 '13 at 1:06

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