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I just set up a new Windows Server 2012 domain controller and remembered I should install sha1hexfltr to allow my passwords to be uploaded to Google Apps via Google Apps Directory Sync. However, when I went to I get a page not found message. Does anyone know what happend to this project? Is this no longer needed with the latest versions of GADS?

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Try looking this ( It seems that the repository was cloned to another location.

For further information you can look current GADS documentation (

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There is a newer filter DLL available here:

Full installation details here:

This will do the same job that sha1hexfltr did, catching password change events to create hashes that are compatible with Google Apps.

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I just found that Google has written their own solution Google Apps Password Sync. It automatically sends passwords to Google as they change, instead of storing them in Active Directory for GADS to upload later. The configuration instructions are available here. You will need to install and configure this app on each writable domain controller

For those of you migrating from sha1hexfltr, here are the steps to remove it.

  1. Remove C:\windows\System32\sha1hexfltr.dll
  2. Open regedit and remove the "sha1hexfltr" line from HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\LSA\Notification Packages
  3. Reboot your server
  4. Don't forget to update your GADS configuration so it doesn't sync user passwords with the division attribute anymore.
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