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I have been trying to use Amazon Web services, specially EC2 and RDS. Nowadays most CMP (Cloud Management Platform) like Eucalyptus, OpenNebula, OpenStack, Nimbus and CloudStack all support Ec2 to a certain level, some do it better than others.

But when it comes to Amazon's RDS service I just can't seem to find any information. It's like no CMP supports it. On my research I came across a website that suggests the use of third-party software like HybridFox, RightScale and enStratus to have an RDS like support but I don't get it.

Can someone tell me if Eucalyptus, OpenNebula, OpenStack, Nimbus and CloudStack support RDS?

If not, then how I can I use third-party software to access Amazon's RDS service using the previously mentioned CMPs?

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According to the documentation of listed platforms they all support EC2 to some extend but not RDS.

RightScale supports RDS as listed here ( in all regions provided by amazon. But you' ll still need to sign up for the service. To create new RDS instance, please, look to RightScale documentation (

I can also advice using Amazon Cloud Watch as it will require no additional payment apart from payment for using resources.

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But Rightscale is payed with real money (iirc), which I can't afford. This is why I need an open-source solution. I discovered currently that there is [reddwarf][1] for openStack but's that's all I've got. I would really need more :S [1] – Flame_Phoenix Mar 28 '13 at 18:10

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