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I have a web server that basically accepts input for a knife ec2 create server command.

In my knife command, I pass in

-j '{"branch":"clone"}'

From documentation I thought I would be able to do this in my recipes that are being loaded:

@@branch = node['branch']
git clone -b #{@@branch}

However, the git clones are failing because @@branch doesn't return. Or atleast the chef logs say begin output of result:

git clone -b

~Git error showing options and appropriate input~

I manually put in the knife command, and the JSON Attributes seem to load using Ruby hash instead of JSON

JSON Attributes: {"branch"=>"Air"}

How do I load in my passed JSON attribute? I am using Chef 11, but the client is 10.18.2. However, the documentation states that it is still compatible with Chef 11.

Edit: I have followed Is there a way to pass parameters at run time in Chef?, but the JSON is still not being passed, or accessed.

I printed out node.keys in my recipe that is being called and I don't see the branch attribute listed.

So maybe the JSON isn't until after the run list, or the JSON attribute just isn't being loaded in at all.


The JSON is definitely not being loaded. first-boot.json file doesn't contain whatever JSON parameters I am passing via knife ec2.

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Are you using this exact switch: -j '{"branch':'clone'} ? Because this is not valid JSON! Anyway, using -j '{ "branch": "clone" }' should make it accessible via node['branch'] – Panagiotis PJ Papadomitsos Mar 29 '13 at 0:58
Ah I apologize for the mistyping. I am indeed using -j '{"branch" : "clone"}'. – user1002563 Mar 29 '13 at 13:34

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