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I want to point or to

In my cname zone settings for, I have added a cname as follows:

name: type: cname value:

and so when I visit it shows me the content of which is absolutely correct. But when I visit (without www or any other sub domain), it's not working. I even tried adding a record set as follows:

name: type: cname value:

But it gives me the following errors in 2 different DNS hosting websites: Route 53

RRSet of type CNAME with DNS name is not permitted at apex in zone


CNAME cannot be created with label that is equal to zone name or in use for another record type.

Now, how can I achieve when visiting it should show the content of ?

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When a label (name) is a CNAME, no other records are allowed for it. so you can't have something like:  A  CNAME

The effect of this, is that you can never have a CNAME for the bare domain, as there are always other records for it: at least the SOA record and one or more NS records and usually one or more MX records. So this must be an A record instead.

What I usually do is go the other way around: make a CNAME for

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This worked, thanks a lot. – Nikhil Rao Mar 30 '13 at 4:04

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