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Our developer sent me a PDB file to help debug a custom application. I currently have my symbol directory set to c:\symbols, and several Microsoft symbols are there in this folder format:

ntdll.pdb | -----GUID | ----> ntdll.pdb

If the developer gave me a PDB named LL.SharePoint.Portal.pdb, how would I correctly place it into my symbol store? What value should be used for the GUID?

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I think you can just get away with putting it in the same folder as the (offending) DLL.

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In addition, you may find there are more people with windbg knowledge on – Rowland Shaw Aug 3 '09 at 20:05

There is a tool, symstore.exe, which is included in the debugging tools for Windows package. It will file symbols in the correct directory tree format. You would use:

symstore.exe add -t SharePoint -s c:\symbols -f c:\current\path\to\symbol\LL.SharePoint.Portal.pdb

-t is the product name (this can be anything)
-s is the path to the root of your symbol store directory
-f is a path to the symbol files you want to add to your symbol cache.

Aside from add, there is also a del and query verb. Use /? to see how to use the other options.

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