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Looks like there's no such option to set to large icons on taskbar (the quick launch panel),

enter image description here

Was it supported or if there any other trick I can do? The icons are too small.

To whoever vote to close

Why close this question?

It doesn't work as the same way in Windows 7, and on one ever asked similar questions

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End-user options on the desktop doesn't really fall under the "professional systems administrations" remit. – Jenny D Mar 31 '13 at 7:26
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You can. First you have to unlock the task bar:

enter image description here

Then right-click any empty space in the quick-launch area and go to the "View" flyout. Select "Large Icons"

enter image description here

Ta da!

enter image description here

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Not really an answer, but the pic is important...because by default Windows 2008 R2 doesn't show what is shown by WesleyDavid.


Windows 2008 R2 Taskbar properties

So perhaps you should mention in your question that you were specifically referring to Windows 2008 and not the R2 version. (Note: I don't even have a 2008 version to test on but I'm guessing Wesley covered that correctly)

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