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On Ubuntu Precise 12.04, the package osm2pgsql is currently at 0.70.5+r25090-2ubuntu2. However I need to install a newer version 0.80 but apt-get update does not provide the newer version.

Question: I found the 0.80 version in the Ubuntu quantal's repo at, is there any way to install this when I'm on Ubuntu 12.04?

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You can't install packages for one version of Ubuntu on another version, or more accurately, you REALLY shouldn't.

You will create a mess of dependencies that will need to be resolved, and can easily dig down so far into your system that you wind up with an unstable or unusable machine as a result.

If you need a particular version of some package you have three real options:

  1. Upgrade the OS to a release that distributes and supports the version of the package you need.

  2. Find someone who has packaged the software for your platform/version (check PPAs)

  3. Build it yourself and assemble a package.

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backporting quite often is as easy as adding a new changelog entry in debian/changelog. or via dch. – Matt Joyce Apr 3 '13 at 19:57

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