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I've statically configured the IP address of an interface on a server:

ip addr add broadcast dev eth1

If I try to ping a machine on the network (e.g.,, it fails with "Destination Host Unreachable".

When the ping is running, if I do the following, I don't see any activity at all

tcpdump -i eth1 icmp

However, if I listen on the loopback interface instead:

tcpdump -i lo icmp

Then I see something like:

16:02:57.369632 IP > ICMP host unreachable, length 92

My question is: why don't the ICMP packets show up as going out over the eth1 interface?


# ip r ls dev eth1 proto kernel scope link src
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what does ip r ls say`? – etagenklo Apr 3 '13 at 20:25
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If you're pinging a non-existent host, then the ARP broadcast would fail. Tcpdump will never see icmp because eth1 won't send a unicast IP packet without a layer 2 destination.

Try this:

tcpdump -i eth1 arp

You should see the ARP resolution failing.

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