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Our primary domains DNS is managed over at Amazon Route 53, and so in Plesk (11.x) I've turned DNS off. The problem is that I want to begin using DMARC which requires both SPF and DKIM txt records to be working.

Our SPF record works great since all I'm doing is limiting it to our MX...

"v=spf1 mx -all"

I've set up the monitoring DMARC string as follows so it's only sending reports but not actively filtering yet...

"v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:monitoringemail@ourdomain.tld"

The problem is that Plesk would normally automatically add the DKIM related TXT record to the domains DNS with the appropriate public key, but since our DNS is switched off for the domain that record is inaccessible, i.e. I can't see it in plesk so I can replicate it at Amazon Route 53.

For the time being so we're not being filtered, I've switched off DKIM support in Plesk again, but once I turn it back on in Plesk, is it possible to find the public key somewhere other than in the DNS records area in Plesk? If so, how would I go about using that info to create the appropriate DKIM TXT DNS string?

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: It seems I've confused DomainKeys and DKIM for the same thing, and that Plesk 11 doesn't directly support DKIM, so my new question is, how does one go about generating a DKIM record on a plesk system so that messages are tagged, and then secondly, how do I translate that into a DNS TXT record to match it? Thanks!

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There is no DKIM automation in Plesk 11.

As of Plesk 8.6 you can add DomainKeys without any tricky hacks or complicated messing around. Just enable DomainKeys for the current domain (mydomain.com > Mail > Settings) and your key will be automatically generated into the corresponding DNS-Zone.

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DomainKeys and DKIM are not the same thing, you might have missed it but I pointed that out in my EDIT at the end of the question. Thanks anyway. –  oucil Apr 21 '13 at 13:16
You are right, I've edited my answer. There is no DKIM automation in Plesk 11. –  cept0 Apr 21 '13 at 13:26
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