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I access my work network through a VPN and have access to every host in there through SSH. Currently I need to access around 3000 hosts via SNMP, but corporate sec policies restrict SNMP access through VPN, and can't make an exception due to technical difficulties.

Googling around I found a couple of options, such as ssh tunneling or forwarding traffic with socat (, but those options are point-to-point and I need to set them up for each of 3000 hosts I have to access.

Is there something I can do to access all hosts via SNMP with a single configuration? I have root access to a linux box inside the network with full SNMP access, perhaps I can setup something there?


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You can use SSH as a SOCKS4/5 proxy. Use a command like

ssh -D 8888

Then configure your local workstation to use a SOCKS proxy (mac, windows, linux) with hostname localhost and port 8888. Your computer should now route all your network traffic through the SSH connection.

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linux instructions (doing this in a comment since I don't have enough Rep to put it in the main answer) – mcdizzle Apr 5 '13 at 17:37

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