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Specific Error: Agent proxying needs to be enabled for a health service to submit discovery data about other computers.


We use Microsoft System Center 2007. The management server throws this error. I have enabled proxying per the instructions but alas the error re-occurs. Has anyone else had this and fixed it? or do I just disable the monitor?

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Following that alert you should get a specific ID for the managed object. Run this query in SQL server against the OperationsManager database:

select * from basemanagedentity where basemanagedentityid = 'IDGOESHERE'

and then check the Path column. It will list one of your servers. Make sure Agent Proxying is enabled for that specific health service/server.

  1. In the SCE console, click 'Administration'.

  2. Click 'Agent Managed'

  3. Double-click the above listed server. (Or right-click and select properties.)

  4. In security tab, choose "Allow this agent to act as a proxy and discover managed objects on other computers"

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I had performed the above, however in the DB it did not exist...I flipped the bit manualy and all is good now. Thanks for the lead! – Thomas Denton May 14 '09 at 17:57

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