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I am trying to create a SCHEDULED TASK that will kick off a FORFILE loop, and terminate the process after an hour (or 12 hours). I expect there to be MILLIONS of files the the paths defined, and I want to run the task off-hours to minimize the performance impact.

The code I'm trying to run is:

forfiles /P "E:\Mutex_01" /S /M *.txt /D -5 /C "cmd /c del @path"

Looking in the logs, I don't get the sense that task is running correctly. When I enumerate the folder, there is no change. Am I missing something? How can I become the expected result?

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Personally I would do it differently... I would kick off the routine interactively and then schedule a script that has:

PSKILL forfiles.exe

Schedule that script to run at a particular time with administrative credentials.

You could even do a test right now... start the forfiles routine, and schedule your kill script to run five minutes from now...

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This worked! Not allowed to use PSKill (even though it is a Sysinternals product), but was able to use it with TASKKILL. Thanks! – Jerry Sweeton Apr 8 '13 at 21:24

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