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I have a bunch of log files that I sync with another server using rsync. The log files are all named in the format YYYY-MM-DD XXX.txt. I only want to sync the current month and last month of logs but my filters seem to be conflicting. Here's what I have in my include/exclude file:

- 2009*
- 2010*
- 2011*
- 2012*
- 2013*
+ 2013-03*
+ 2013-04*

The includes/excludes above causes nothing to be synced (I'm assuming because the -2013* appears before the specific months. However, if I remove -2013* from the file above and just leave the 2013-03 and 2013-04, it wants to sync any file beginning with 2013.

I know I'm missing something in the order or format of my filters. Was wondering if anyone had a suggestion. Thank you in advance!

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- 2013* excludes everything from 2013, this isn't getting reversed if you do a more specific include later.


+ 2013-03*
+ 2013-04*
- 2013* 

and refer to the "Filtering rules" section of the man page for more info.

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PERFECT - that did the trick. I feel like I just had a DUH moment. Thank you for your help! PS - You can ignore my question to you in a previous thread. Looks like this was the issue! – Jason Apr 8 '13 at 21:07

The manual is explicit about this:

As the list of files/directories to transfer is built, rsync checks each name to be transferred against the list of include/exclude patterns in turn, and the first matching pattern is acted on: if it is an exclude pattern, then that file is skipped; if it is an include pattern then that filename is not skipped; if no matching pattern is found, then the filename is not skipped.

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