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I have a domain and am trying to create a domain using install-addsdomain.

I am running this command:

install-addsdomain -newdomainname -parentdomainname -domaintype treedomain

I am running this as a local administrator and was a bit surprised I didn't get any errors regarding access denied on the ludwig domain I thought the command would have to contact.

In fact the command just tells me that there are a few DNS-related warnings and never terminates. The server remains outside any domains.

What am I doing wrong?

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You want to use the -Credential (Get-Credential CORP\EnterpriseAdmin) to supply the parent domain enterprise administrator credentials before the -newdomainname -parentdomainname -domaintype treedomain

Here is the full example from Microsoft:

C:\PS>Install-ADDSDomain -Credential (Get-Credential CORP\EnterpriseAdmin1) -NewDomainName child -ParentDomainName -InstallDNS -CreateDNSDelegation -DomainMode Win2003 -ReplicationSourceDC -SiteName Houston -DatabasePath "D:\NTDS" -SYSVOLPath "D:\SYSVOL" -LogPath "E:\Logs" -NoRebootOnCompletion


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I was wondering why the command ran away without wondering why it didn't have the credentials it needed. – Andrew J. Brehm Apr 9 '13 at 23:20

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