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I also use puppet for my nodes. I am also running a (BIND) dns server.

Would it be possible to use the $aliases variable I have for each node in a template for the DNS module?

My nodes look like this:

$ cat nodes/kayak.local.pp
node 'kayak.local' {
  include base
  $node_aliases = ['svn','puppet']
  $node_primaryip = ''

  network::interface { 'eth0':
    ip      => $node_primaryip,
    gw      => '',
    mac     => '00:50:00:00:00:3f',
    netmask => '',


What I am looking for is being able to make a template like this:

$cat local.erb

<% scope.lookupvar('ALLNODES::aliases').each do |alias| -%>
<%= alias %> IN A <%= node_primaryip %>
<% end -%> 

who can help me?

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You could use exported resources for that.

  • create a defined type that manages a line in your dns file
  • on each host, create a resource that uses that defined type. Use @@ before the type to make it exported.
  • Collect those resources on your DNS server with the spaceship operator.

Sidenote: use Hiera for all that data in your manifest.

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Thanks. Had to do some searching there. I think I understand what I need to do. Haven't read about hiera though. Would that make solving my 'problem' easier? – Karlo Apr 10 '13 at 5:29
Hiera is pretty awesome in seperating data from your code... - – Ger Apeldoorn Apr 10 '13 at 11:46

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