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I've got a domain (example.com) registered with Google Apps, and have their mailservers registered as the MX record for my domain. I also have a site with a central mailserver (Exim4 on Ubuntu), and a number of other servers. Each server is set to use this mailserver as a smarthost for outgoing mail.

The issue I have is that when a server sends mail to an address of the format user@hostname.example.com (e.g. when a cronjob fails), the mailserver doesn't know what to do with it. It tries to make an SMTP connection directly to hostname.exmple.com, which fails.

How would I configure exim so that it knows to deliver @*.example.com to the MX record for example.com?

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In DNS for your zone, create an MX record for hostname.example.com, pointed to the same hostname that example.com MX is pointed to.

Or configure your various servers to send mail from *@example.com instead of *@hostname.example.com.

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