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I have a (dv) Dedicated Virtual hosting environment running Plesk 11 at Media Temple. I am able to control the Default DNS Zone Template used to create new virtual hosts as I add customers.

Forgive my naivety, but my question is: do I need the NS, A and AAAA records for ns.<domain>. in the template? None of my customers will be running their own name servers at NS.<domain>. BUT I have configured BIND/named to use private name servers for my master domain (NS and NS2.MYDOMAIN.COM). Will removing them from the template, interfere?

My default template has the following records:

Host    Record type Value
<domain>.           NS      ns.<domain>.    #needed?
<domain>.           A       <ip>
<domain>.           AAAA    <ipv6>
<domain>.           MX      (10)    mail.<domain>.
<domain>.           TXT     v=spf1 +a +mx -all
<ip> / 24           PTR     <domain>.
<ipv6> / 64         PTR     <domain>.
ftp.<domain>.       CNAME   <domain>.
ipv4.<domain>.      A       <ip>
ipv6.<domain>.      AAAA    <ipv6>
mail.<domain>.      A       <ip>
mail.<domain>.      AAAA    <ipv6>
ns.<domain>.        A       <ip>            #needed?
ns.<domain>.        AAAA    <ipv6>          #needed?
webmail.<domain>.   A       <ip>
webmail.<domain>.   AAAA    <ipv6>

I appreciate your insight, thanks.

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Plesk works in cooperation with a DNS server, which enables you to run DNS service on the same machine. The DNS zones are primaly slave zones. You will need to configure your main zone with an asterisk * poinitng to your server ip address.

  • AAAA DNS record type for IPv6 - If you have no IPv6 services enabled, you don't need those entries.

  • NS DNS record type for name servers - the entry reflects your internal mail services (a simple stupid performance booster for postfix or qmail).

You can find more information about record types here.

Also, as a side note, if you don't know what you are doing never change a dns zone manually.

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