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I Installed mininet in Ubuntu system, By default openflow also installing with mininet. But how can I know the installed version of openflow?

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openflow appears to be provided by openvswitch-controller; apt-cache policy openvswitch-controller should show you the version installed.

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The version of openvswitch can be determined with ovs−ctl version, but that won't necessarily tell you the version of "OpenFlow" that is supported by that version. To do that, you'll need to cross reference it against the openvswitch web site or source. Per;a=blob_plain;f=FAQ;hb=HEAD:

Open vSwitch 1.9 and earlier support only OpenFlow 1.0 (plus extensions that bring in many of the features from later versions of OpenFlow).

Open vSwitch 1.10 and later have experimental support for OpenFlow 1.2 and 1.3.

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