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I have been using Satellite for a while now and I am able to kickstart machines directly from the official main RH channels

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (v. 5 for 64-bit x86_64) 
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (v. 6 for 64-bit x86_64) 

I want to create a frozen Red Hat Linux 5.7-channel and kickstart new servers from this channel. I have done this with the command spacewalk-clone-by-date on 2012-02-01 (latest version was RHEL 5.7).

It seems however that now I need to add a distribution under kickstart->distributions in order to use the new cloned channels for kickstarting.

How come a distribution under kickstart->distributions is needed for custom (cloned) channels, but not for the official Red Hat channels?

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The Satellite already has the bits required to kickstart the main channels - it comes with the channel, it just doesn't get cloned to your clone channel.

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