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I need to run a ZABBIX setup, where some of my agents is behind firewalls, so the Zabbix server can't connect to the agent.

Every item is setup to be using Zabbix agent (Active) and i got data as expected.

What are the correct to fill-in for "Agent interfaces", for the host?

I have tryed with port 0 but then i got this message: "Get value from agent failed: cannot connect to [[]:0]: [4] Interrupted system call" and a trigger saying: "Zabbix agent on Server1 is unreachable for 5 minutes"


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this is a job for zabbix proxy. it can be configured to work in either direction through your firewall – dawud Apr 11 '13 at 19:02

If the agent is deployed active, and the FW allows each agent to connect back to the server on the correct port, you shouldn't have a problem getting alerts.

But if you have several agents behind a FW you should deploy a Zabbix Proxy, as Jacob mentioned.

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