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I'm looking at using a cloud service which has an AWS Security group...

enter image description here

I've got a hardware firewall and a software firewall.

I have no idea how to say: Given that security group, allow any traffic from that security group IP range, but only to ports 1234 on MY server.

Is this possible?

I know most people will say "What's the hardware firewall? What's the software firewall". I don't really want to say cause I don't really care about how to configure those -exactly- but if I can get some random examples, I'll be really happy!

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Security groups don't have IP address ranges. – EEAA Apr 12 '13 at 3:22
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Simply put, security groups don't work like individual firewalls. Think of it instead like a switchport that has the ability to control traffic flows, or windows firewall on a server (with some really cool tricks like only allow traffic from this other switchport or firewall)

It sounds like what you want to do is to define a rule that allows traffic only from another security group.

See the security group rules section of the docs here:

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