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I can't find httpd.conf

I am running openSuse 11, and installed apache, its started and working.

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Try using

locate httpd.conf

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Alternatively you could use the find command: find /etc -name httpd.conf

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If you installed the package, you can use RPM to find which files belong to the package.

rpm -ql apache2

and replace apache2 with the package name you installed. You can use

rpm -qa

to list all packages

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Just installed the apache2 package on my 11.0 workstation. The httpd.conf file showed up at:

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I think Suse uses apache2 now, so it wouldn't be httpd.conf, it would be

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You may also be able to find the path to this file in the init script. Usually config files are passed as arguments or at least mentioned in most init scripts. So, something like this may work.

#grep httpd.conf /etc/init.d/apache2

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whereis httpd

look in each of the folders listed

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