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When I attempt to create a new computer account using the Windows active directory interface by entering the new computer name and hitting next, I get a blank dialogue titled New-Object-Computer with no tabs and three nonfunctional buttons: back, finish, and cancel. It can only be closed with the task manager.

The command

dsadd computer cn=newname,dc=mydomain,dc=local

succeeds, although I have to use the "find objects in Active Directory" button (Find: Computers In: Entire Directory) to find it and right click and move it to the Computers folder.

This is the only domain controller in a five person company, which has experienced infrequent changes and backups. How should I proceed? I'm tempted to document and ignore the problem.

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If you run a dcdiag on your server, does it report any errors? Also, to get around the moving the computer to a different OU, you could put the correct OU, ie "cn=newname,OU=computerContainer,OU=office,dc=mydomain,dc=local". Do you have the same issue when adding users through Active Directory? – Nixphoe Apr 12 '13 at 19:36
The only failure is Starting test: Services IsmServ Service is stopped on [NAME] ......................... NAME failed test Services which I understand to be an optional service. Thank you for the correct OU. I have no problem adding users. – Marcia Apr 12 '13 at 20:08

The Active Directory Users and Computers interface is highly extensible and can be customized. It sounds like somebody might've messed around with it.

It sounds like the Object Creation Extension for computer objects isn't registered properly-- either in the registry on the DC or in your Directory's displaySpecifiers container or both.

Assuming you're using a US English Windows installation, what do you get back from a dsquery * "CN=computer-Display,CN=409,CN=displaySpecifiers,CN=Configuration,DC=domain,DC=com" -attr createWizardExt command (substituting in your domain for the DC=domain,DC=com portion). The stock createWizardExt value is 1,{D6D8C25A-4E83-11d2-8424-00C04FA372D4}.

You can re-register the extension by reinstalling %SystemRoot%\system32\adminpak.msi.

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1,{D6D8C25A-4E83-11d2-8424-00C04FA372D4} was the value that dsquery returned. – Marcia Apr 15 '13 at 15:52

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