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I've got a domain hosted (DNS only) on Dreamhost. I've got www.mydomain.com CNAME'd to my web app on heroku, I would also like to CNAME just the domain (mydomain.com). Ofcourse, you can only CNAME subdomains.

What should I do to make mydomain.com point to my heroku app, or even redirect to www.mydomain.com?


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Heroku's documentation on the matter references DNSimple's ALIAS records. If Dreamhost doesn't offer something similar, you'll need to run a small server handling the apex record, use a service like wwwizer.com, or switch DNS providers to one like DNSimple.

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Here's a great write up on how to work around Dreamhost's setup to use custom domains for your Heroku App.

Basically you create a www cname with the value of your custom heroku app address, then you redirect your @ root traffic to your www sub-domain.

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