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We have a WCF service for an application which acts as the central hub for a few hundred thick desktop clients. This service handles all of the communication between the clients and the Oracle database. We have been seeing a problem with the web service which occurs between once and several times every day.

The symptoms are that the clients lose connectivity to the web service, but the w3wp process on the web server is still running without any apparent issues. The wsdl will load in a browser window, but until the w3wp process is killed and restarted no clients can use the service.

There are no errors showing up in the log4net logs of the application, no exceptions thrown to the client except for the loss of connectivity. The System and Application event logs show nothing of the problem aside from the warning about the w3wp process being force-terminated.

I've been banging my head against the wall for a couple weeks now on this one. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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