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I have a configuration with a cloud of servers behind haproxy. Haproxy is loadbalancing between the servers. However there's some action that needs to be sent to each server. Currently I do it independently from haproxy, by going to each server in a loop:

for i in `seq 1-10`; do
  wget -O /dev/null "http://server$"

is it possible to set up haproxy so that

wget -O /dev/null ""

could send the request out to every server that is alive?

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As far as I have seen this is not supported in HAProxy an probably won't ever be. There is a similar question asked on the mailing list (still 1->N) answered by Willy mentioning that this isn't load balancing which is why it won't be supported. You could also try a pub-sub mechanism instead of sequentially hitting each server.

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