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I have some load balanced web servers but need a common place to store uploads files. I've got a file server with NFS and have successfully mounted NFS volumes on each of my web servers. The issue I'm having is when I try to complete the actual upload:

PHP Warning: move_uploaded_file(/5000001-1366067447-TestFile.docx): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /xxx/upload.php on line 30

I have a feeling it may have to do with the way the NFS share has permissions setup and/or the way it is mounted. On the NFS server, the shared folder user and group is nfsnobody but, on my web servers, the apache process is running under the apache user. I've also set permissions on the source folder to be 755.

As a root user on the web servers, I can create/modify files with no issue on the share. Just not from Apache. I feel like I'm overlooking something simple but I'm stuck on this issue. Really appreciate any advice!

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