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I have MS Server 2008 R2 and IIS 6.1. In my IIS 6.1 I have several sites each one with its own Application Pool. For the context of this question suppose I have MyDownloads.MyDomain.com (with app pool MyDownloadsPool) and MyService.MyDomain.com (with app pool MyServicePool).

Under MyDownloads.MyDomain.com I have two folders, Public and Private. Both folders contain files that can be downloaded. Public can be accessed by any users typing the URL MyDownloads.MyDomain.com/Public.

I want the Private folder to be accessed just by requests coming from MyService.MyDomain.com. That means any request made by the user by typing the URL MyDownloads.MyDomain.com/Private has to be rejected.

In order to do that by using IIS 6 UI I set .NET Authorization Rule under the Private folder to allow just the App Pool Identity MyServicePool and deny all other users.

However suppose I have a website MySite.MyDomain.com that uses MyService.MyDomain.com to download files (and hence opening a stream) from MyDownloads.MyDomain.com/Private. In this case the download request is submitted by MyService.MyDomain.com to MyDownloads.MyDomain.com/Private but the stream has to get to the final users in MySite.MyDomain.com . Is this solution feasible or the stream might be interrupted? In case it is not, may you suggest a better approach? Thanks

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