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I have a server with postfix, courier-imap and spamassassin installed.

All the messages are well received and sent. But i have an issue about sent messages are copied to "sent" folder and to "inbox" too!

Why this is happening?
It should be a spamassassin bad configuration?

here´s the part of sending the email, in the mail log:
I changed the emails and domains for privacy purposes

Apr 18 02:29:58 myserver postfix/pipe[7881]: E428A12C28966: to=<whatever[at]yahoo.com>, relay=spamassassin, delay=6.9, delays=0.76/0.42/0/5.7, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered via spamassassin service)  
Apr 18 02:29:58 myserver postfix/qmgr[4050]: E428A12C28966: removed  
Apr 18 02:29:58 myserver postfix/pickup[7855]: 4911D12C2A411: uid=5001 from=<spamd>  
Apr 18 02:29:58 myserver postfix/cleanup[7879]: 4911D12C2A411: message-id=<bas9bb4.f637cbff9061088cea4e84aef0cbe216(at)www.domain.com>  
Apr 18 02:29:58 myserver postfix/qmgr[4050]: 4911D12C2A411: from=<spamd[at]myserver.com>, size=1392, nrcpt=2 [queue active]  
Apr 18 02:29:58 myserver postfix/virtual[7886]: 4911D12C2A411: to=<myemail[at]myserver.com>, relay=virtual, delay=0.16, delays=0.03/0.03/0/0.1, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered to maildir) 

mydestination is not set because has no effect in this case.

virtual domains and virtual mailbox maps files have credentials to perform queries on my postgresql server.

here is the header from email copy in inbox, (with amavis and spamassassin):

master.cf file (with amavis enabled): n-things[dot]com/pasteit/adl9Ig8r

main.cf file: n-things[dot]com/pasteit/uFGMTjI5

tested with 'receive_override_options=no_address_mappings' commented and not. Nothing happens =/

But i tested postfix with all amavis blocks removed from master.cf and main.cf.
The problem persists, so I think the problem occurs due to spamassassin.

Thanks for your attention!

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