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Each ec2 instance that launched in amazon has the same software but I need to change the file /home/project/config.json for each. What is the easiest way to do this?

I need it done automatically.Thanks

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You can create your own custom AMIs to launch an instance that is configured any way you like.

  • Launch one of the standard AMIs to serve as a base.
  • Make whatever changes you want to that instance (in this case, add the file).
  • Right click on the running server in the AWS Console.
  • Choose 'Create Image (EBS AMI)'
  • If you don't want the instance to be stopped then check 'No Reboot'. It's better to leave it unchecked if you can and allow it to reboot. This ensures file system integrity is maintained.

In a few minutes a new AMI will be created that you can launch instances with all the changes you made baked in.

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