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I need to use Fortigate 60 as gateway. I just switched to NAT mode.

Gateway IP from ISP: XXX.255.136.41 - 255.255.255/48 Real IP from ISP - WAN2 IP: XXX.255.136.45 Internal IP :

I can ping those IP adresses from local & internet. However I cannot use as gateway on my Windows 7.

I've added ALL ALLOW ANYTIME ANYWHERE firewall policy. I've added / internal > XXX.255.136.41 static route as trial. I've added / WAN2 > XXX.255.136.41 static route as trial.

Now I can't ping

What are the correct settings to make Fortigate a gateway?

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1-) Router: Use / WAN2 > XXX.255.136.41 static route

2-) Firewall: At Firewall > Policy > edit related ACCEPT policy; choose [Enable NAT] instead of the default [No NAT].

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