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I am having this in my apache server status message:


What could be its reason? all of the 512 slots were filled and requests per second was only 3. CPU load got to 250+ (15m). is it some kind of DDOS ? as lot of requests were just GET requests to lot many different virtual hosts with different IP addresses.

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This rather implies that it's taking much longer for apache to log a requset than to receive, process and send a response. Which seems improbable. It's more likely that you've got a problem with your filesystem.

(it would have been helpful if you supplied the full output of server-status)

Next step would be to have a log at the syslog - see if there's problems on your hardware. If it's still occurring, check the output of iotop. If these show nothing amiss then have a look at your webserver logs (access and error).

It might just be that you haven't rotated your logs for too long.

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This answer is definitely correct. One place to look is if you're using some special ErrorLog/CustomLog entries to send httpd logs to a central syslog server. In my case the syslog server was processing the input slowly which caused apache to slow down. – Caesar Kabalan Sep 22 '15 at 15:35

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