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I have a CentOS 5 server I can boot into the stock kernel just fine, but when I try kernel-xen, it gets stuck here: http://i.stack.imgur.com/wAI20.png

When I try adding no-bootscrub to the kernel command line, I get this and a reboot: http://i.stack.imgur.com/yy84r.png

Does anyone know where I can go from here?

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Which version of CentOS 5 are using? kindly check out following service are onboot is started. chkconfig network on chkconfig ntpd on chkconfig ntpdate on chkconfig iptables off chkconfig ip6tables off Edit "/etc/selinux/config" SELINUX=disabled chkconfig --list | grep xen xenconsoled 0:off 1:off 2:off 3:on 4:on 5:on 6:off xend 0:off 1:off 2:off 3:on 4:on 5:on 6:off xendomains 0:off 1:off 2:off 3:on 4:on 5:on 6:off xenstored 0:off 1:off 2:off 3:on 4:on 5:on 6:off Reboot and try! –  Rajat Apr 20 '13 at 14:14
CentOS 5.8. Yes all that is done.. –  James Hadley Apr 20 '13 at 14:22
This looks like you need to exclude a certain memory range. Do your get any hint about that when booting the stock-non-xen-kernel? Please add some details about the hardware of your server. –  Nils Apr 24 '13 at 8:56

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