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I'm trying to get Samba4 setup and configured on my Ubuntu Server 12.10 VM, and I'm using some fairly basic instructions to get started. (Instructions are here)

I get down to start the configuration of Apparmor, and suddenly when I try to sudo, I discover nothing is happening -- literally, I enter the command, and it's like bash just ignores it and spits out another prompt. I also can't su, it prompts for the root password, which I know is correct, and gives me no error and keeps me under the same standard user. passwd has the same effect. Is there something I'm missing that samba4 is doing to my authentication?

How can I diagnose what's going on with su, sudo, and passwd? Nothing relevant showing up in the logs at all.

UPDATE: After going through this a third time, I've determined that the issue crops up when I provision a domain using the /usr/share/samba/setup/provision command.

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