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I have set 4 domains up using Nginx etc. and have an html folder structured as follows:


The problem is when I go to 123.456.789.012 I get the default Nginx page and my domains are actually at 123.456.789.012/site1/ etc. This makes sense to me, I know why it's doing it, all sites are in sub folders from the root.

Basically I want 123.456.789.012 to redirect to 123.456.789.012/site1/ but without the /site1/ attached. Is this possible without moving my files of site1 to the root?

Does it even matter leaving it as is? I can't imagine anyone wanting to browse my site via IP.

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"I want 123.456.789.012 to redirect to 123.456.789.012/site1/ but without the /site1/ attached" What? I can't understand this. – leonbloy Apr 21 '13 at 1:38
If there's no need to browse via IP then don't listen on your IP, only respond when someone comes in on – Drew Khoury Apr 21 '13 at 4:40
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Just add default_server parameter to directive listen for corresponding server {} section of nginx.conf

For example,

server {
    listen 80 default_server;

    location / {
        root /path/to/html/site1;

The default_server parameter, if present, will cause the server to become the default server for the specified address:port pair. If none of the directives have the default_server parameter then the first server with the address:port pair will be the default server for this pair.

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Thanks. This solution made the most sense to me out of the two. Turns out I already had the default parameter and only had to add /site1 to the root path. Not sure why I didn't think to try that. – Xenor Apr 21 '13 at 9:42
Well this actually killed my PHPMyAdmin, which is also in html/ Probably because my config is wrong. I added some code to try fix that but it just loaded the PHPMyAdmin index without images or CSS. Edit: I fixed that by moving the PHPMyAdmin shortcut to the /site1/ directory. – Xenor Apr 21 '13 at 15:25
You did not mention anything about PHPMyAdmin, located in html, not any of siteN folders :) Glad to hear, anyway, that your issue is solved. – cadmi Apr 22 '13 at 9:49

Sounds like you're looking for the root directive:

server {
    # things;
    location / {
        root /path/to/site1/;
        # things;

Given how the question is worded, however, this might not be what you want. It would pay to read the documentation:

It would be helpful if you posted your nginx.conf also.

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